Secure Your Exports

Drivebaba Export Secure Service

If you are planning to export a car or a fleet, you will find the Drivebaba Export Secure Service to be extremely useful.  After you choose your preferred car from Drivebaba and pay for the Export Secure Service, we will then do the following for you:

  • Export inspection
  • All customs and ownership paperwork taken care of
  • Export assistance
  • Personal assistance and liaison with the seller
  • Export payment
  • Secure payment for the car via our $USD holding account

When it comes to shipping, you can save 5-10% on shipping as we have exclusive deals with quality partners. We arrange all the logistics too. We can also track your vehicle online across the globe to home.




Reliable Service:

At Drivebaba we work with lots of trusted dealers, so if you are dealing with them directly, please ensure you ask them what services they provide to ensure they can export to you safely.
  • The car is inspected
  • Vehicle Spec is right for your country
  • Customs and paperwork is accurate



Export Secure Service

  • Handles all the hassle!
  • We check the car inspected is the one shipped
  • 5 years as a business handling major transactions
  • Experts check the car is eligible for your country
  • Our service includes all the transfer paperwork



Export Secure Service

  • We’ve been operating in Dubai for 10 years
  • Independent inspections through an impartial partners
  • We don’t own the car so we give you an independent service
  • We handle $100,000s every month on behalf of customers
  • We have e a $USD bank holding account for secure transfer
  • We’ve delivered cars to customers across the world.
  • Our established shipping partners mean we get you the best shipping rates for safe, quality transport.



 5 Risks of Not Importing a Car Safely

  • Payment for the car goes missing and you have no way of getting your money back.
  • We have been in the UAE for 5 years as a registered business. Our USD bank account with EmiratesNBD is secure, trusted and we only release funds to the seller when you’re happy with the paperwork.
  • Mileage of the car could be altered which may affect the value of the car
  • Wrong specification or origin of the car can cause issues at the customs in your country and can result in difficulties to register the car.
  • Before we even inspect the car, we tell you if the car is eligible for import to your country.
  • Incorrect export or shipping paperwork may result in the car won’t pass through customs.
  • Our shipping partner makes sure you have all the necessary transfer of ownership, insurance and customs paperwork before departure.



How to Import to KSA

  • Saudi Arabia regulations for importing a car have changed in the last 12 months. Here’s what you need to know:
  • Only GCC and Accident-Free imported cars are allowed in KSA.
  • Cars within 5 years old have more 15% VAT
  • Cars exported to KSA must be V6 or less.
  • We have 48 hours transit time and the car could reaches your doorstep.
  • We assist with custom clearance at additional cost.



Shipping Price and Inspection Fails

  • What is the shipping price? It varies by port, method (container or RoRo) and size of car.
  • Some people ship the car because it is still cheaper to repair in their country. Or you can decide not to buy the car. In this instance, you will have the option to pay for another car at a cheaper rate. Our personal assistant will advise you.



Customs, Duty, VAT and Clearance

  • We take car of all the paperwork from shipping, customs, transfer of ownership. All we ask of you is that you:
  • Find a clearing agent (here’s a country-by-country guide)
  • Have your passport copy, bank details and bank statements ready
  • Get your bank to agree any financial arrangements (credit, loans, etc.) in advance so you can move quickly.


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