How much does it cost to export a car?


Cost varies depending on which country we are exporting to and the size of your car, number of cars, etc. We always quote with a full breakdown of the costs before you commit. The charges work like this: One-time, small management fee (no commission) Shipping cost including insurance (RoRo or container) Inspection – optional cost for a full inspection before you buy (typically $200-$400 depending on number of cars) Pick up and drop off.


How we get a car to you safely


By land, sea or air, our shipping partner uses strong tethers and packs the tires so they cannot move during transport. For land transport, they can use covered containers so they remain dust free and not exposed to the elements. For RoRo, there are less options for packing but our team will do their best to ensure the vehicle is safe. Whatever the chosen mode of transport we will ensure all the paperwork is completed then carefully monitor and track your vehicle all the way until you tell us it’s reached you safely.


What Paperwork is required?


This can vary from country to country. Your dedicated Shipping Agent will walk you through the paperwork you need at each step. Typically you will need:

  • Original passport
  • Private buyers might need a No-sale certificate (saying you won’t sell the car for two years)
  • Commercial licence if you are a dealer
  • Bill of Landing
  • Driving licence

But there are many variations depending on your country, so our country guide and your Shipping Agent can help you.


How Long will it Take?


Your Shipping Agent will confirm to your estimated delivery time. There are several factors that affect the time to delivery:

  • Distance of your destination country
  • RoRo can take longer than container ships as they stop at more ports
  • Container shipping tends to be faster than RoRo
  • Paperwork and your country’s requirements for entry
  • Outside factors like weather, mechanics, etc.


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