How to Get the Best Car Deals in Dubai

If you are planning to buy a new car in Dubai, here are some tips that might help you.

More often than not, when people walk into a car dealership, one of the first questions they have is; “How much is that Ford Focus?”

The salesman rattles off the price on the sticker and the customer states that they only want to pay AED 30,000. What happened here? Simple, the customer just showed the salesman their cards way too early and by doing so, they pretty much gave away their ability to possibly get a better deal through the negotiation process.

The reason is, is they already implanted a number in the salesperson’s mind that will control the rest of the sales process to get the deal the sales person wants, leaving the customers best interests behind them.

The same is true about trade value and payments. So the question is, how do you reduce the stress of buying a car and make the process a lot easier?

To make your car buying experience a lot easier and to get a much better deal, do the following;

Tell the salesman what’s most important to you in a vehicle. For example, safety features, is performance important?, are you more interested in a loaded or more basic car? These are all things that are important to make sure you are getting the right value.

Stay off Price! If the salesman brings up the topic of price get him off of it and tell him you’re not ready to talk price.

Always tell him/her that you want to drive the vehicle. A lot of people try to put the cart before the horse. How will you possibly know if the vehicle works for you if you don’t drive it? So slow the salesman down and slow down the process.

Keep this in mind;

Knowing this one concept will help bring your anxiety about looking for a vehicle down to an even keel.

When you talk about prices up front you are giving away the only cards you hold as a buyer. You give the salesman all the tools he needs to work the deal to his advantage.

So don’t show your hand and let him/her bring up the price and or trade values.

Doing these things will force your salesman to talk about the things that matter most and force him to keep you and your families best interests in mind.

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